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  Thousands of payment locations, easy and 100% secure


Teleingreso is a secure and easy payment method
Just follow these steps:
Pay with Teleingreso

Pay with Teleingreso

When cheking out, select Teleingreso as your payment option.

Receive a Teleingreso code

Teleingreso code

Merchant will provide you a Teleingreso code associated to your purchase.


Go to a payment location

Pay Teleingreso

Pay your Teleingreso code associated to your purchase.



Purchase completed! It’s that easy and secure.

How to pay with Teleingreso

Secure payments

Teleingreso partners

Bets / Casino+


Wallet / Finance+


How to pay
your Teleingreso

Thousands of payment locations where you can pay with Teleingreso

search for your nearest Teleingreso payment location

How it works. Step by step:

  • Make your online shoping and when checkout, selelect to pay with Teleingreso.
  • Selecting Teleingreso as payment method, customer receives instructions on screen that can be send by e-mail or printed.
  • Follow the instructions and make your cash payment at MoneyGram outlets.
  • Payment completed.
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