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Deliver your orders ones they're paid

Teleingreso is an easy and secure online payment system

When customers choose Teleingreso to pay for their purchases, merchant generates a unique code associated to customer. purchase The purchase order remains outstanding until the customer pays the Teleingreso code associated through any of the different payment networks accepted by Teleingreso.

Once the customer makes the payment using the Teleingreso code, the purchase is completed and the order is automatically approved or the purchase price is charged.

Advantages for merchants

  • Teleingreso is secure and there is no chargeback risk.
  • Teleingreso is an easy and secure payment method that does not require registration.
  • Teleingreso increases sales, as a result of customer base growth. Teleingreso is a payment method targeted at different user profiles demanding a secure, easy and confidential solution for their online purchases.
    • Unbanked customers.
    • Banked customers who are afraid of providing their bank information or like an additional layer of confidentiality in their online purchases.

How can i start using Teleingreso?

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